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On Farm Course:  Soil and Soul

HOPE CSA's chief program is its year-long course of instruction for pastoral leaders who desire to learn a more "organic" way of life and ministry, using the setting and culture of J.L. Hawkins Family Farm

The thrust of the course is to offer the pastor metanoia, that turning toward a new mind and being regarding the nature of the pastor's vocation.  In defiance of the trend whereby pastors see themselves as CEOs who lead organizations, or as mechanics who keep the congregational machinery running well, or as engineers who develop models for church life, or as those whose task it is to manufacture or program discipleship, this course offers the pastor opportunity to reclaim the more organic mindset of the shepherd to a flock.

For a more detailed description of the course, click here.

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Clergy Care & Challenge:  Collegial Groups

Navigating the deep joys and real sorrows, the enthusiasms and burdens, the satisfactions and bewilderments of the pastoral life is difficul to do alone.  Many clergy are finding that it requires more than "support" - whether from families, friends, colleagues, congregations or judicatories.  To remain effective and healthy, clergy collegial groups that meet regularly can be, as one participant noted, "a godsend."

New groups begin each fall.  Email us for more information.

Clergy Care & Challenge:  Coaching

HOPE CSA is pleased to offer the services of a trained clergy coach.  What is coaching?  Using a “trip” or “journey” metaphor, coaching is the formal assistance given as one strives to effectively “go from here to there” generally by enhancing performance.  Click here to learn more.

Congregational Care & Challenge:  Consultation

Navigating the cares and challenges of organizational ministry sometimes requires outside perspective and comptence in order to thrive.  Whether it be the clarification of identity, purpose and mission; assistance through a transition; organizational planning, or addressing and making use of conflict; we have experience and tools available provide consultation services to you and your congregation or organization.

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