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Congregational Consultation

Navigating the cares and challenges of organizational ministry sometimes requires outside perspective in order for leaders to remain effective and the group to flourish.  We can assist with the clarification of identity, purpose and mission, guidance through a transition, or making productive use of conflict, to benefit you and your congregation or organization.

A typical consultation plan follows this scheme:

·       Delight-activity designed to reframe & energize 

·       Discern-activity designed to ask good questions of about identity, personality, experiences, values, hopes, purpose, commitments

·       Dream-activity designed to acknowledge the history and vision of ministry that God is doing in this time and place

·       Develop-activity designed to act upon the implications of identity, personality, history, values, hopes, purpose, commitments

·       Design-activity designed to structure ministry according to identity, personality, history, values, hopes, purpose, commitments

·       Do-activity designed to lead to action

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