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           "Pastor" comes from the Latin word which means "one who puts to pasture".

1) Mission Statement

The mission of HOPE CSA, Inc. is to provide a ministry of continuing education and vocational renewal to clergy and other church leaders, using the resources of the Christian faith and of Creation in the context of a small, diversified family farm.

2) Purpose Statement

The purpose of this ministry is to teach clergy and other church leaders new ways of thinking and functioning as leaders living in interlocking family, congregational, collegial and natural systems.

3) Goal Statement

The goal of this hands-on teaching ministry is to promote the well-being, and leadership skills of clergy and other church leaders by promoting “holy health,” which is health in all seven dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, environmental, and spiritual,

4) Vision Statement

The vision of this ministry is to involve clergy and other church leaders in the natural “household” of a healthy, small, diversified family farm as a natural system  that functions according to the same natural processes as their family, congregational, and collegial systems.  As clergy are led to function healthily in the natural system of the farm and are guided to reflect on the natural processes that work toward life and health in that setting, they are instructed and shaped to function healthily in their other systems as well

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